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Accelerated Vision

"Many people think the CEO job is just the next progression after being a senior executive. It's actually a unique role that doesn't really have much in common with the other executive roles in a business." Joel Trammell
successful serial CEO and technology investor

Visionary CEOs:

  • Follow their vision personally and professionally
  • Have a high tolerance for ambiguity
  • Lead organizations to achieve goals in a continually changing environment
  • Desire to translate vision into growth-producing strategies

Visionary CEO Challenge

Have you ever described your vision to employees, board members, or industry analysts and received blank stares and silence in return? Even a brilliant vision can be wrongly interpreted and poorly executed unless it's delivered clearly, passionately, eloquently, and visually.

Great strategy drives superior execution. We act as your trusted adviser. We are a safe sounding board that hones your corporate vision and transforms it into breakout growth strategies. We work with your management team to ensure great execution.


What We Do

At 20/20 Outlook, we translate CEO vision into breakout strategies that drive exceptional results. It requires unique skills, is more art than science, and affects performance dramatically.

We deliver:

  • Trusted insight to identify and develop new opportunities
  • An experienced, objective voice to supply needed extra cycles
  • Business expertise to ensure that your company achieves its potential.

Accelerating the sale of your company

How Infoglide Was Acquired by FICO

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What Do CEOs Say?

"In 20/20 Outlook, he has brought together years of experience in acquisitions, partnerships, and product strategy to produce a process for achieving a breakout growth strategy. If your company has reached a plateau and needs a jump start, 20/20 Outlook will provide a path to higher revenue..."CEO, ControlScan
Former CEO of Cambia Security, XcelleNet

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The CEO Dilemma

The CEO Dilemma

CEOs often get trapped in a dilemma: "How do I simultaneously run the business and also carve out enough time for new growth initiatives?" 20/20 Outlook provides the trusted insight and extra cycles you need to develop breakout strategies that will lead your company to higher growth.

Urgent versus Important

Urgent v. Important

Most CEOs find it difficult at times to concentrate on growing the business. The urgent squeezes out time set aside for the important. The needs of the day continually steal time needed for activities that are crucial to growth. 20/20 Outlook helps the CEO focus on five "non-urgent" paths to growth.

Disciplined Dreaming

Disciplined Dreaming

The challenge in switching between heads-down and heads-up thinking is learning to use the analytical and creative sides of your brain simultaneously. Most successful 21st century ventures will be led by those who combine both modes of thinking. The result will be superior products, more relevant services, and higher market share.