Develop Exit Strategy

A key component of 20/20 Outlook is an assessment of the Company's value in the eyes of potential acquirers. The Company is evaluated across 12 different value sources and rated as "strong,""credible," "limited," or "none" in each one.

Value Analysis

The 12 areas build from the bottom up, starting with how flexible, patentable, and scalable the Company's technology is ("Credible Technology").

Next, market credibility is assessed for how established the Company is, the strength of the initial customer base, and how capable the Company is in successfully delivering a solution ("Credible Market").

Third, the health of the business is rated in three areas: vertical packaging, repeatable sales model, and repeatable delivery ("Credible Business").

Finally, an analysis of progress in gaining good analyst recommendations, broad scale customer adoption, and market thought leadership is made ("Market Dominance").

The results of this analysis dictate key initiatives that will enhance the appeal of the Company to potential acquirers by moving the company up the value chain.