Evaluate Market Situation

Given the context of the current acquisition environment as a backdrop, 20/20 Outlook assesses the Company's current market situation:

  • What target market or markets does the Company serve? Are these markets clearly defined? Are they horizontal or vertical markets?
  • Have those markets' driving problems been adequately identified? What forces or situations exist that indicate a motivated prospective buyer?
  • Exactly who is the audience for the Company's products? Has the target audience been clearly identified, including characteristics of qualified buyers?
  • Do the Company's offering present an unambiguous value proposition to the target audience? Can that value be described clearly and succinctly?
  • Who are the Company's key competitors? What is the extent of overlap? Are the competitors likely acquirers at some point?
  • How well do the Company's competitors solve the target markets' problems? What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses?
  • Why and how is the Company's solution set better than its competitors? What are the key differentiators that enable the company to occupy a defensible market position?
  • What is the market's perception of the Company? How are the press and analysts portraying the Company? How is the Company perceived vis--vis competitors?