Execute Partnership Strategy

Leveraging the marketing clout and intellectual assets of market-leading companies increases credibility and market presence. A well-executed partnership creates innovative products and services, increases revenue, and positions the Company for a future merger or acquisition. Crafting innovative, beneficial partnerships is challenging. Most efforts end up with "Barney announcements" (I love you, you love me), i.e. press releases with no lasting business value.Partnership

Based the outcome of the 20/20 process, we identify partnerships and alliances that will help you grow your business value. We use a proven methodology to drive real, measurable business results. We help you develop and implement a comprehensive partnering strategy, then close and manage the targeted relationships in a deliberate and purposeful manner to maximize returns and enhance revenue and profit.

Working closely with the CEO and management team, we develop a partnering strategy, create a prioritized list of targets, initiate and close partnerships, build launch and implementation plans, establish the level of implementation resources needed to ensure the appropriate ROI, and institute measures for evaluating each partnership on an ongoing basis.