Introducing 20/20 Outlook

CEOs can maximize ROI for stakeholders by:

  1. Identifying 20 top acquirers and top 20 acquisition targets.
  2. Aligning the company's direction with acquirers' requirements.
  3. Implement exit-accelerating partnerships with potential acquirers.

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Acquisition Market Outlook Evaluate Market Situation Evaluate Acquisition Situation Develop Exit Strategy Identify Potential Acquirers Align Product Strategy Identify Potential Acquisitions Execute Partnership Strategy


20/20 Outlook Process/Services

The 20/20 Outlook process consists of some or all of the following steps, depending on the market situation and maturity of the Company:

  1. Examine current state of acquisition activities in the Company's market space.
  2. Evaluate the Company's market positioning, status, and competitive environment.
  3. In light of current market conditions and the Company's position, assess the acquisition situation and develop an inclusive list of potential acquirers.
  4. Develop the exit strategy with the objective of enhancing the Company's appeal to potential acquirers.
  5. Based on the strategy, narrow the list of potential acquirers down to the top 20.
  6. Review and align the Company's product strategy to enhance acquisition value.
  7. Identify the top 20 potential acquisitions and mergers that enhance the product strategy and acquisition value.
  8. Develop and execute a partnership strategy focused on the top 20 acquirers and top 20 mergers/acquisitions.