Why Work With Us?

The value in working with a trusted adviser from 20/20 Outlook LLC is threefold:

  • An outsider's insights provides perspective impossible to gain by those working at ground level.
  • Implementing the 20/20 Outlook process takes time and effort that an already overworked management team may not have to give.
  • Employing experienced leadership can lead to positive results much faster.


Bob Barker

Bob Barker

Trusted CEO Advisor Bob Barker brings a rare combination of C level experience in both large companies and startups that provides unique insight. Over a 30 year career, he negotiated and implemented multiple partnerships with major industry players, resulting in new products that drove multi-million dollar increases in revenue. He also led multiple acquisitions for a large company, including a $200M transaction. Later serving as Entrepreneur in Residence for an early stage venture firm, he evaluated investments based on experience gained in multiple senior management stints at high tech startups.

Bob recently led product management and technical partnership efforts at a billion dollar software company, guiding product direction and growing mindshare for over 100 products in 7 families that generated over $700M in annual product revenue.

His passion is helping businesses reach their full potential by translating the CEO's vision into powerful strategies that drive execution and results. Based on a shared vision, he works with the CEO and management team to ensure clarity of purpose, identify highest growth market segments, craft key messages that differentiate the company, connect with strategic partners that advance the strategy, and achieve operational excellence through efficient sales execution.